Bluetooth Thermometer for Medication

MedAngel ONE is a wireless thermometer and app that constantly monitors the temperature of your medication. Protect your meds from freezing or becoming too hot and never worry again about whether they’ll be effective. 😌

Travel Worry-Free

Taking your meds to the beach on a hot summer day? 🏖️Or exploring the mountains in the freezing cold? ❄️Stop thinking about the temperature of your medication and live in the moment. MedAngel will send you real-time notifications if your meds are getting too hot or cold, whether they’re in a bag, cooler box or the hotel fridge, letting you prevent accidents before they happen.

No More Fridge Drama

Temperatures vary wildly, even in some of the most expensive home fridges. See the real temperature in every section and know exactly where to store your meds with a smart fridge thermometer. Power outages, open doors, freezing at the back wall? With MedAngel’s alarms and timeline you’ll know about them before they ruin your medication. 📈🔔

Works With Any Medication

All your medications supported