MedAngel ONE
English below Med MedAngel fandt jeg ud af mit køleskab ikke er koldt nok når insulinen står i døren. Den er bare smart! Jeg glæder mig til den skal holde styr på min insulin når jeg rejser ! MedAngel taught me that the fridge door is not cold enough for my insulin. It is so smart! I can’t wait to bring it with me on holidays! Hugs xxread more
Lærke Folke Thømming
Lærke Folke Thømming
I've now bought 3 of these! It helped me realise the the top 'butter' draw was too warm in the fridge - amazing the variation in different levels. I use another with me 'mobile' insulin set (inside a Frio wallet). Very reassuring to be able to see on my 'phone that all is OK when stuck in hot meeting room or travelling. I like the product so much I'm giving the 3rd sensor away as a gift! The support is also very more
Martin Berkeley
Martin Berkeley
Would of given 5 star but for instructions. Brilliant product, now that I have 2 MedAngel to keep my insulin safe. Laura was really helpful so I'v given a 5 star anyway! when I explained how difficult it was with the batteries and Instructions, but once I saw the video Laura gave me, on how to do this it was really easily to setup. Here is the link for the Batteries instructions! I will add links after if I can!Android App is again very easy to setup, you install it, choose your insulin and then where you are going to be storing your insulin :1: in the fridge or 2: in a bag or out of the fridge as this give different ranges in temperature. Great service and a great product well worth taking all that worry out of knowing if your insulin is stored correctly! Thanks, MedAngel! Price is good two at the moment I got 2 for the price of one 😊read more
David Gall
David Gall
Just recently we purchased 2 sensors and we seemed to have a little problem with one of them, so I contacted MedAngel and a really super helpful lady called Laura dealt with me in a very kind and professional manner. As soon as I explained the problem she didn't ask any questions she simply apologised and said they will send me a new one right away. She also gave me some ideas about keeping insulin cool in the hot weather, as I said very helpfully , fab service:) now back onto the sensors! What a genius idea . I've just put one in the fridge and it's giving me regular updates on the temperature 🙂 can't wait to use these on holiday they are going to give me peace of mind. Surprised to find our diabetic team didn't know about these but I suppose technology is moving so quickly that they struggle to keep up, I will be giving them positive feedback on these sensors 🙂 a job well done to MedAngel and your team:) I'm one happy customer (and mum) Diabetics have a long challenging journey but with this genius bit of technology it helps ease some of the worry on insulin temperatures. Thanks againread more
Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
love knowing whether or not my son's insulin is staying at a safe temperature when we take it with us when we are out and about. great peace of mind tool. always hated not knowing if his insulin had ruined out in the sun while in a frio more
Michelle Gene
Michelle Gene
Absolutely love my MedAngel ! I'm type 1 diabetic and keeping my insulin at the correct temperature is essential. With MedAngel I can be confident the correct temperature is maintained in any environment or situation ! It was easy to setup and the little green heart on my phone is very reassuring 🙂 Thanks guys !read more
Teri Byrne
Teri Byrne
So happy with my MedAngel. No longer throwing out expensive insulin because you have no idea of how cold/warm it was kept. Stay safe! use more
Cathy Van de Moortele
Cathy Van de Moortele


MedAngel ONE is a solution that helps you to keep your medications at the right temperature. It consists of a wireless smart sensor and a mobile App.
The sensor is placed with the medications, it continuously measures the temperature and communicates with your phone. The App alerts you when the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe range for your medications.

  • In your refrigerator

  • During your trips

  • With you on the go

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