About us

The way you store and transport your medication is crucial to keep their effectiveness. If they are exposed to excessive heat or cold they may lose their potency. We believe that everyone must have adequate and affordable tools to keep medications in the best possible conditions. We harness the power of reliable proven technologies, intuitive design and pharmaceutical know-how to bring you safety and peace of mind.

MedAngel was born from the frustration of Amin (T1 diabetic), after he discovered that his domestic refrigerator accidentally froze his insulin. Millions of people worldwide are knowingly or unknowingly facing this same problem. We are committed to one mission: Help you keep your medications safe.

We took part in the Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator 2015 in the Netherlands and came a long way since. Our team grew from one to five people in 2016.


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Meet the team

Amin Zayani

CEO – Cofounder

Solar energy engineer turned digital health entrepreneur by accident. Living with T1 diabetes since 2006, always late to meetings and big fan of Mexican food.

Laura Krämer


A  believer in patient empowerment. Has been part of the team since the early days to bring the necessary scientific expertise. Globetrotter and crazy about bouldering.

Jonathan Cohen

Software Engineer

He began writing software in the punchcard era. Since then he has built applications for academia and industry in both research and product settings.

Jeremias Weinstein


Fascinated with exponential technologies. Used to invest other people’s money into high potential companies, now he is creating value from the other side of the road.

Plamena Maleva

Communications Manager

A thinker and doer, passionate about communicating meaningful ideas to people. Joined MedAngel on her journey of pursuing that passion.

Join us

We are always looking for driven and clever people to join our company, check out the openings below. We try to keep them short, to the point and bullshit-free. If you really want to join us, and are convinced that you can make a valuable addition but do not see an open position that suits you, we encourage you to contact us and tell us why you’d like to be part of this wonderful journey 🙂

Customer Support Administrator

Working Student c. 40hrs/month

MedAngel is a company on a mission to give a peace of mind to people dependent on temperature-sensitive medication. The product is MedAngel ONE, a smart temperature sensor that allows patients to monitor the temperature of their medication via an app on their smartphone. This idea was born out of the frustration of Amin (T1 diabetic), after he discovered that his domestic refrigerator accidentally froze his stock of insulin. Millions of people worldwide are knowingly or unknowingly facing the same problem. We are now committed to one mission: helping people keep their medications safe.

In order to help us give the best service possible to our users, we are now looking for a Customer Support Administrator to help us with incoming customer queries via email. This position is open for students and will require a few hours of work per day (hours are flexible), around half of which may be done remotely.

The Customer Support Administrator will be an important member of the MedAngel team and will be expected to:

  • Have excellent communication and problem-solving skills;
  • Be passionate about helping others;
  • Be able to quickly identify customers’ needs and respond to them in a friendly manner;
  • Have a positive, hands-on attitude, and to be eager to learn new things;
  • Be fluent in English – German is a plus;
  • Be coming from a tech or medical background (preferable but not necessary)

The position involves:

  • Dispatching tickets to the team concerned (administration, IT, etc…);
  • Being the first contact person for our users and answering most of the queries we receive;
  • Working hand in hand with our IT team to help solve customer issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible;
  • Identifying the need for replacements and coordinating them with our Operations team;
  • Proposing ways how to improve our customer support experience and contributing to the development of our FAQs and user manual;
  • Answering website chats and, if needed, dispatching them accordingly.

What to expect:

  • An excellent working atmosphere and a great learning experience;
  • The rewarding feeling of working on something useful that solves a real problem in people’s lives;
  • Respect recognition and appreciation from fellow team members.

Location: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Start: Ideally 1st November, 2018.

Send us your application and why you want to join us in an email.