Could your insulin be getting the chills?


Accidentally freezing your supply of insulin is a frustrating experience. This week we are sharing two stories from T1D moms on how MedAngel helps them keep their kids’ insulin safe.

“If you have insulin in your fridge, you need a MedAngel in your life. It just saved our insulin supply by alerting us to an issue where the fridge needed to be restarted.

How it works: you buy it, load the app, put the sensor in your fridge. When you are near the sensor, it updates the app. If anything occurred during the time you were away from the sensor, it will give you an alert. Priceless.”

This is what Samantha, mom of Logan from The Elbow bump kid — Type 1 Diabetes Awareness wrote on their Facebook page recently, after she successfully prevented their 7 months’ supply of insulin from freezing in their fridge at home.

You might think that the trickiest part of storing insulin is keeping it from overheating while on the go. While this is indeed one of the key things to watch out for, the temperature in many domestic fridges easily drops below freezing point, giving your unopened insulin the chills. Frozen insulin might not work at all or very unpredictably. It’s deemed not safe to use by insulin manufacturers and health authorities.

And if you and your family are keeping a stock of it in the fridge at home, the cost of that frozen insulin could add unnecessary stress to your life.

What we learned from Samantha’s story is also confirmed by Michelle, mom of Cole from Funboy Cocoa Facebook page and YouTube channel where Cole and Michelle share their family life with Type 1 diabetes.

Traveling to Oklahoma, we kept getting notifications from MedAngel and saw that Cole’s insulin was getting too cold.

Michelle rearranged the insulin in its cooler so it was not directly on the ice. Problem solved! She also knows to be careful with hotel mini fridges:

We arrived at our hotel late in the evening and I put the MedAngel sensor in the refrigerator to see how the temperature is doing, because a lot of times hotel refrigerators actually freeze stuff.


Michelle’s tip for traveling with insulin:

When you put your insulin in a cooler, it usually works out fine during the travel, but you should be careful when traveling in very cold weather. Sometimes the combination of the cold outside plus the cooler can be tricky.

Parents of kids who live with diabetes are managing countless variables every day to ensure their kids stay well, from physical activity, stress, weather and food to insulin dosage. Whether their medication is effective, should not be one of these variables. This is where MedAngel steps in to help.

The MedAngel temperature sensor is kept with your medications, a companion app alerts if it gets too cold or warm.

This way, you can keep an eye on your fridge, know you are safe when traveling or out and about, and get a warning before something happens.

Just select your medication in the app, put the sensor next to your pens or vials and be sure that your insulin stays safe and effective.

To learn more about MedAngel and find our online store, visit our home page.

Sep 26, 2018
Pharmaceutical sciences, now solving problems around meds and temperature.