Diabetes Forecast Review

“Keeping insulin cool is a must for summer travel. In sweltering temps, the medication can get too hot, and in a hotel refrigerator, it risks freezing. In both cases, insulin won’t work properly.
How can you make sure your vials or pens stay within the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range? Enter MedAngel. The waterproof sensor—about 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches long—is stored with your meds and continuously monitors the temp of the environment. It wirelessly sends that information to an app on your phone, so you know how cool your meds are, even when you aren’t around. The app also sends alerts when the temperature nears or goes beyond the safe high or low temperature range.”

Tracey Neithercott in Diabetes Forecast July/August 2017
Photo Eric Hinders/Mittera


Amin Zayani
Jul 15, 2017
Amin Zayani
CEO and co-founder of MedAngel, solar energy engineer turned digital health entrepreneur by accident.