MAGIC Foundation-Growth Hormones now supported by MedAngel


By special request of the non-profit MAGIC foundation, the world’s largest organization for growth related disorders, we are now supporting growth hormones in our MedAngel app.

MAGIC —major aspects of growth in children — provides support, information and a network for families and individuals worldwide affected by growth disorders. Many of the possible treatments require constant refrigeration, an added burden for patients and caregivers.

Unusual growth can be a sign for a variety of health issues, some common, others less so: Many of the underlying conditions are rare, meaning they affect fewer than 1 in 2000. This means that finding a diagnosis can be a lengthy and difficult process and often leaves families feeling left alone.

One main aspect of MAGIC is to connect newly diagnosed with others who share a similar story. By direct matching of families and individuals, curated social media groups and conventions, they enable people affected by health conditions to support each other.
Harnessing the power of human connection!


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#TeamMAGIC dinner… Thank You @novonordisk for sponsoring & supporting. What a great group!

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The foundation provides extensive information resources for patients, among others on treatment options.

Treatments for growth disorders are as different as the respective underlying conditions, but in many cases, deficient growth hormones are substituted as replacement therapy. rhGH (recombinant human growth hormone) are given as injections by patients or caregivers at home every day — a challenging schedule to follow.

Hormones are complex proteins and growth hormone injections are temperature sensitive. They have to be kept refrigerated (between 36–46°F/2–8°C) until the moment of injection, in order to keep their effectiveness. Some newer products can be kept at room temperature after first use, provided they don’t get warmer than 25°C/77°F.

Since these are taken daily, medications have to come along on travels, trips and refrigeration needs to be considered from day to day. An additional administration burden, as the MAGIC foundation knows from their own research:

“Storage of rhGH (recombinant human growth hormone) was considered burdensome by more than a third [of 61 patients and 239 caregivers].”

Growth hormone therapies can now be found in the MedAngel app’s medication database, providing insights on the right storage temperature and bringing some more peace of mind into living and travelling with medications!

Nov 27, 2017
Pharmaceutical sciences, now solving problems around meds and temperature.