MedAngel at the DDG Diabetes Congress 2018

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MedAngel’s attendance of this year’s Diabetes Congress followed last year’s participation in the Start-Up Challenge, but this time we were there to conclude and give an overview of our evolution as a company, the challenges faced on the way, and milestones achieved.

Held this time in Berlin between the 9 and 12 May, this congress organised by the DDG (Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft) is the most important event in the world of diabetes in Germany. It is attended by health care professionals including nurses, doctors and educators, as well as researchers, scientists, and anyone interested in updates and advancements in the field. The companies holding a stand in the fair ranged from leaders in global healthcare to small start-ups providing products aimed at making life easier for people living with diabetes.

As an extra feature of the Start-Up Challenge, Amin Zayani, T1D and founder of MedAngel, gave a presentation about the idea behind the smart sensor, and why he was inspired to come up with such a solution. Our learnings over the last year consolidated how important it is to store temperature-sensitive medication like insulin and GLP-1 agonists correctly, and that this can be made easier and less stressful with tools like MedAngel.

Bastian Hauck, T1D and chairman of diabetesDE, enthusiastically moderated the event, while the jury was made up of three professionals in the field, including diabetes researcher Prof. Lutz Heinemann.

Amin Zayani with Bastian Hauck before concluding the Start-Up Challenge.

Amin Zayani with Bastian Hauck before concluding the Start-Up Challenge.

Seven start-ups participated in the challenge, and were given only a few minutes to introduce themselves. Their presence there was based on an earlier selection where each of them had to indicate why and how they could improve the diabetes world.

There were a number of interesting ideas both directly or indirectly related to the world of diabetes. However, their main aim was common: to make living with diabetes easier. The participants were Lumind, a solution to integrate health data of people with diabetes into everyday life through the use of calming sounds, light and colours; Medikura, a system which digitizes the reporting of side effects between patients, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers; Ruby Limes, a clothing company which produces practical and comfortable underwear for insulin pump wearers; smaak, infused sugar free water made out solely of natural ingredients; SNAQ, an app which provides image analysis for food to determine a mealtime insulin dose; wobbler, a fitness device that stimulates foot movement; and xbird, a system which extracts medical data digitally to identify patterns leading to critical health events. While both Lumind and SNAQ were high in audience rankings, SNAQ won in the end. An automatic estimation of how much insulin is needed for a meal is a great advantage, especially when eating out abroad and for the newly diagnosed.

Technological advancements are rapidly changing our day to day living. These are bringing about major improvements, especially in digital health. It was a pleasure attending the Diabetes Congress, discussing MedAngel and our mission with many interested and critical minds, as well as connecting with the awesome community.

Oct 16, 2018
Pharmaceutical sciences, now solving problems around meds and temperature.