MedAngel’s Fridge Temperature Study Gets International Attention

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We’ve long believed that home fridges aren’t always the temperature they say they are. However, if you want to prove something you need a bigger sample size than the personal experiences of a founder and a few employees. That’s why we supported a study from the Charité University of Medicine in Berlin in which almost 400 people used a MedAngel ONE sensor to track the temperature of their insulin in the fridge or in their diabetes bag.

By tracking temperatures for more than a year, our research colleagues discovered that insulin in home fridges went outside the recommended range 11% of the time (approximately 2.5 hours of the day). A surprising number of fridges plunged their owners insulin into freezing temperatures with 17% going below 0˚C.

MedAngel’s Laura Krämer presented the results with co-authors Dr. Katarina Braune and Prof Lutz Heinemann at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) annual meeting in Berlin in October 2018. Since we shared the results, dozens of medical and mainstream news media from around the world have picked up the story.

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Oct 22, 2018
Lachlan Wells