No more worrying about insulin – Diabetes Daily Review

“How often do you wonder whether the insulin you have with you has spoiled due to varying temperatures? I know I worry about the insulin that stays in my testing case, whether I’m traveling or even just going out for the day. Especially when you get to the bottom of the vial and the insulin just doesn’t seem as potent as it did when it was first opened.

MedAngel hopes to help alleviate some of our worries with their temperature sensor. It’s a small device, just about the length of an insulin vial. It easily slips into any case or bag, where ever you prefer to keep your insulin when traveling. At $49.00, it’s well worth it if you are one to be worried about how temperatures can affect your medications.”

Sarah, T1D


Sep 28, 2017
Pharmaceutical sciences, now solving problems around meds and temperature.