Press release: MedAngel ONE now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, on Amazon Prime


Innovative solution empowers patients to monitor the temperature of their medications to ensure effective treatment, available today for iPhone and iPad users worldwide.

San Diego, California — 12 June, 2017

MedAngel announced today the official launch of their medication temperature-monitor in the App Store at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions in San Diego, California. MedAngel is a patient-driven digital health startup, whose founder and CEO, Amin Zayani, has lived with type 1 diabetes for 11 years.

MedAngel ONE is now available for iPhone and iPad after it was released on the Android Play Store in February 2017.

Many medications are temperature sensitive and lose their effectiveness when frozen or exposed to heat. These products include insulin and many other injectables. MedAngel’s first product enables users to monitor their medications’ temperature and thereby help ensure effective treatment.

MedAngel ONE consists of a wireless temperature sensor and a mobile app. The sensor is placed with the medications and it continuously measures the temperature and communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The app alerts the user when the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe range for the medications.

“We learned a lot from our Android users who helped us improve the app experience,” said Amin Zayani. “Our team is excited to bring safety and peace of mind to everyone.”

MedAngel ONE is available immediately for customers worldwide on Amazon and on MedAngel’s website. Amazon Prime customers in the USA, UK and Germany can now order it directly and have it delivered to their doorstep next day. The price per sensor is 49 US$ or 49€.

“Our initial idea was that we were resolving a worry for people who use medications, but what we are realising more and more is that this is actually a huge gap in quality assurance”, says Laura Krämer, the pharmacist on the team. “It is absurd that temperature is thoroughly monitored throughout the delivery chain, but this stops at the point of dispensing to patients. It is suddenly their responsibility to handle and store several month’s supplies of drugs correctly while completely flying blind.”

MedAngel believes that empowering individuals with accurate, easy to use and affordable tools will reduce stress and increase medication safety.

MedAngel ONE highlights include:

· Supports the top temperature-sensitive medications in the US and EU, including the most widely prescribed insulins and biologics

· Smart alarms tailored to each medication

· Waterproof sensor design made for refrigerators and cool bags

· Up to seven days’ internal memory capacity on the sensor

· Two-year warranty

· High performance replaceable battery (up to 9 months)

To learn more about the company and products or to arrange an interview, contact Amin Zayani at +49 176 9954 5096 or email,, or visit the website at

To access high-res photos of MedAngel ONE sensor, app and other related graphic assets, follow this link.

Amin Zayani
Jun 12, 2017
Amin Zayani
CEO and co-founder of MedAngel, solar energy engineer turned digital health entrepreneur by accident.