Your insulin has a story to tell: Introducing MedAngel Timeline

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We are excited to announce the release of a new feature in the MedAngel iOS app — the timeline, which gives you the full picture about what’s going on with your insulin throughout the day.

On my last day on a US-trip in November, I packed two pens in a Frio pouch before going out to La Jolla. After a few hours in the California sun, the cool bag started to heat up. At the beach, an alert by MedAngel reminded me to move my backpack to the shade. It really makes a big difference!

Since I’ve always been curious about how cold it actually gets in the hold luggage cabin, on the flight from San Diego to London I put a MedAngel sensor in my suitcase. When I picked it back up, the temperature history filled in and showed that the temperature in the hold luggage actually didn’t drop much below 68°F (20°C). Even on a transatlantic flight! Maybe just got lucky this time?

The perfect spot in your fridge

We have written a lot about fridges and how they are our best frenemies when it comes to storing medications. Warm and cold spots, fluctuations, and the occasional freezing can all negatively affect insulin quality.

The best way to know where in your own fridge your medicine stays safe and effective, is to put a MedAngel sensor with your medications and start tracking the temperature. This way you can find out if you need to change the spot or maybe adjust your fridge’s settings.

Put the MedAngel sensor with your medications and track it’s status on the app.

With the MedAngel timeline, you now get the full picture! In this case, I tested 3 different spots in my fridge: the butter compartment in the door, the upper shelf and the bottom drawer. The safe range is indicated in the timeline as the space between the red and the blue line: between 36°F to 46°F for refrigerated storage. I didn’t adjust the fridge settings at any point, I just moved the sensor.

Tip: It’s best to leave your MedAngel in one place for some time and check back what happened over a period of a couple of hours!

In this fridge, the butter compartment has the least fluctuations, but is constantly a few degrees too warm. The bottom drawer, closer to air circulation vent, fluctuates more and drops to freezing temps (30°F/-1°C) every hour — way too cold! The upper shelf turned out to be the perfect spot in this fridge. What about yours?

Cathy from Belgium keeps her MedAngel with her insulin travel supply in an airtight box — practical and protects from temperature fluctuations!

How does MedAngel work?

MedAngel is the perfect medication companion not only for insulin stored in the fridge, but also on the go. It gives real-time alerts whenever the temperature gets critical for your particular medication and it’s also waterproof, so you never have to worry about false readings in your cooling bag. With the new timeline you get the full picture:

  • Time temperature graph
  • Colours show the med’s status
  • Zoom into the last hour or see the whole month at a glance
  • Scroll by swiping
  • See all details for one point in time by tapping and dragging
  • 30-days temperature history
Jan 5, 2018
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