What is MedAngel and how do I use it?

MedAngel helps you to keep temperature-sensitive medications safe. It consists of a small temperature sensor, which is connected to a mobile App on your phone via Bluetooth. You put the MedAngel sensor with your medications and it continuously measures temperature. The MedAngelONE App shows you the current temperature and alerts you when the safe temperature range of your medication is exceeded, so you can take action. A timeline helps you track temperature changes over the course of the last 30 days.

Don’t guess any more about the safety of your medications: keep them safe in storage at home, as you go about your day, and on your travels.

How does MedAngel help me to keep my medications safe?

You select your medication from a list in the App, which then displays the safe temperature range for that medication. If the sensor detects that it is getting too warm or too cold for your medication, the App will give an alarm, enabling you to take action and to prevent the quality of your medication being compromised.

Where can I buy MedAngel?

MedAngel consists of a temperature sensor and a mobile App. The MedAngel sensor is available through our website or via amazon.com, .uk, and .de. The sensor will be sent to you together with a high-quality battery. The MedAngelONE App, which you use together with the sensor, is available for download for free from the Android Play Store and will soon be available on the iOS App Store.

How many sensors do I need?

It depends on your medications and on your lifestyle! Most of our insulin users, for example, have two sensors: one for their insulin that they carry with them during the day and one for their stock in the fridge at home. You might want to use only one sensor to keep with medications in your fridge and occasionally take with you in a cool bag, or you might want to use two sensors to check on meds both in your home and office fridge.

Can I track multiple medications with one sensor?

The MedAngel sensor continuously measures temperature and is kept with the medications you want to monitor. If you are keeping multiple medications in one place, it makes sense to select and attribute them to one sensor in the App. The MedAngelONE App will give you medication based alarms, so if the temperature is critical for one but not the other you will always get an alert for that one medication.

What are the different use modes in the App?

Many medications are stored in the fridge, which should keep temperatures at 2-8°C, but can be removed from the fridge and stored at room temperature for a limited amount of time (for example up to 25°C). The MedAngelONE App knows safe temperature ranges of your medication for both long term and short term storage. Simply select your use mode by choosing either ‘storing’ or ‘carrying’ and the temperature ranges will adjust accordingly.

Do I need to be near my MedAngel for it to work?

The MedAngel sensor has an internal memory for temperature data for up to one week. When the sensor and your phone are not within Bluetooth range or when your phone is turned off, you will not be able to receive the current temperature from the sensor. When this is the case, the MedAngel sensor saves the temperature data and transmits it to the App as soon as sensor and phone are connected again. In the timeline view, you then can see what happened in your absence.

How long is the warranty on the sensor and what is the battery life?

MedAngel sensors have a 2 year warranty and are powered by replaceable high-quality lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, the battery life is about 9 months. When the battery is running low, you will receive a notification in the App and we will send you a battery replacement by mail for free. 

Can I use MedAngel in cool bags?

Yes, it is an excellent way of using MedAngel. The sensor is waterproof and can therefore also be used with water-activated cool bags. With MedAngel, you can be sure that your cool bag is working and there is no need worry about when it is time to replace cooling elements or re-activate the cool bag, even when in hot climates.

Can I use MedAngel on flights?

Yes, you can use MedAngel on most flights, because the sensor uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. While wifi or cellular connections, that are required to make a phone call or send a text message, may need to be disabled on flights, Bluetooth connections are allowed with most airlines. Simply activate airplane/flight safe mode in the settings on your phone, then enable bluetooth and MedAngel will monitor your meds also during your flights.

You might be asked to disable bluetooth during taxi, take-off and landing and a few airlines also do not allow Bluetooth active devices on the flight, so please check your airline’s website or ask the staff on the plane to be sure.

Why should I use MedAngel in my refrigerator?

For long term storage of most temperature-sensitive medications, 2-8°C is the recommended safe range, which should be compliant with the temperature in a refrigerator. However, many domestic refrigerators have internal hot- or cold- spots, or such wide variations in overall temperature, that medications may nevertheless be exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range. Use MedAngel to find the perfect spot in your fridge for your meds and adjust your refrigerator’s cold setting when it gets too cold or warm because of seasonal changes!

Is the mobile App free?

The MedAngelONE App, which you use together with the sensor, is available for download for free from the Android Play Store and coming soon to the iOS App Store. By purchasing the MedAngel sensor, you can use all functions of the App, there will be no in-app purchases or any other extra cost for using the App.

What happens with my data?

Your personal data remains with us and will not be shared with third parties.

What are my payment options?

Thank you for considering purchasing MedAngelONE! We are currently accepting payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Do you ship to my country and what are the shipping costs?

We are shipping worldwide with a fixed shipping cost of 5.99 €. Note that shipping costs may vary when you are buying through our distributors on amazon.com, .uk and .de.