Medication Storage Tips

The Ultimate Guide to storing your Medications


Whether you are relying on exact dosing of insulin daily to make it a good diabetes day, or on weekly injections to prevent rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups, the foundation of every treatment is that the medications work reliably.

With drugs such as insulin, biologics or hormones, another factor comes into play. They are temperature-sensitive and lose effectiveness when they get too warm or too cold.
Until our medications reach our homes, their storage and transport has been monitored and controlled. From then on it is in our hands to store them correctly.

Insulin for example comes in 100U/ml and we must ensure that it stays that way. But then life happens. We take our medication to travel, we have them with us every day and we store them in our fridges at home which are not exactly a static environment.

When these medications are exposed to heat or cold, they can lose part or all of their potency. Medications that are stored correctly introduce less variability.

Especially with insulin, where we rely on exact dosing daily, even gradual loss of potency introduces variability in dosing that is unnecessary. And who needs even more variability in their life with chronic conditions?

There are a few simple things to be aware of that reduce risks and ensure your medications keep their full potency.


Keeping your medication safe is not hard.

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