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MedAngel at the Grand Canyon!

We recently bought 2 MedAngel sensors due to the heat wave in Ireland and the fact that we were traveling to the Grand Canyon in July. I am so happy to report that thanks to Med Angel, our daughter’s insulin stayed 100% perfect! Hotel refrigerators are not great, and we were able to keep stored insulin cold and her opened in the safe temperature range, despite high heat warnings in Arizona too! Thank you again from the whole family (especially from Gillian)!

Michelle – Gillian’s mum

“Your product is a blessing!”

I have an outdoor career. I am an utility gas transmission coating inspector. My work is solely outdoor, relying on ice chests for cold water, food, and keeping my insulin cool. Your product is a blessing, it takes the guess work out of it. Using Humalog, it can’t go over 86°F (30°C). My work just became a tad more simplistic.  Thank you!

Cheri, T1D

“Saved my son’s insulin supply!”

“If you have insulin in your fridge, you need a MedAngel in your life. It just saved Logan’s insulin supply by alerting us to an issue where the fridge needed to be restarted. This would have ruined us if the app didn’t alert. Seriously worth every penny, the cost is less than a vial of insulin!”

Sam – mum of Logan, the Elbow Bump Kid

Medangel ONE sensor in refrigerator

Brian: Purchased for travelling, using for fridges!

MedAngel has been very useful. I purchased the product mainly for travelling, but having ordered a couple more sensors for home and work I made discoveries I never thought. I had been storing my insulin in the refrigerator door both at home (large fridge) and at work (mini-fridge). I discovered that this placement was too warm! The back of the middle shelves in both brought the insulin within range. The ability to monitor the temperature with the refrigerator door closed is a great benefit.

Brian G., NYC

Sam’s bike tour in Italy

“I took MedAngel for a real test, a cycle tour across c. 300km of heavenly Puglian countryside. After four days of riding, the efficacy of my insulin had noticeably diminished and I was forced to inject 20-50% more than usual on the flight back. Whereas before I might have attributed this change to diet or the break from exercise upon coming home (thank goodness), I could now lay the finger of blame firmly upon improper storage.
I knew my insulin was too hot because I got notifications. I had no cool place to put my insulin, even the Frio bag in my bag or pannier was too hot, but I did feel good that I knew what the problem was when my insulin stopped working so I could respond in the right way without any doubts or trying other incorrect solutions.”
Sam H., Berlin

Cathy’s diabetes purse

“Be prepared! Bring your MedAngel along wherever you go and keep your insulin safe at all times. MedAngel is a staple in my diabetes purse.”

Cathy vd M., Brügge

Why do I need a device that watches over my insulin’s temperature?

“…I asked myself when I first heard about MedAngel. Well, here’s why! I was sure my insulin was always kept on a safe temperature in my fridge. The fridge was set at 6°C, so no harm could be done, right? When I got the MedAngel I noticed the temperature in the butter compartment, where I store my insulin, was always too high! Now I have my fridge set to 4°C and I store the insulin in a small box to prevent it warming up by airflow when opening the fridge a longer time or placing warm food inside. I got the tip to use an airtight box from the MedAngel developer, smart one! I’m really happy to have the MedAngel guarding my insulin and it has given me some insights I never thought about. It is really easy to use on the go too when I’m on vacation!”

Kevin K., Belgium